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FDA Issues Zicam Warning

A Zicam warning for the over-the-counter (OTC) product used for treating symptoms of the common cold has been issued by the FDA because of its dangers.  This cold remedy contains zinc and comes in chewable forms, oral mist, rapid-melt tablet and throat lozenges.  Zicam is taken at the first sign of illness to shorten the duration of  your cold.  Zicam is not a cure for the common cold nor is it used for treatment of flu.

The FDA issued a  Zicam Warning  for Zicam Cold Remedy Nasal Gel, Zicam Cold Remedy Nasal Swabs and Zicam Cold Remedy Kids Size Swabs in 2009 due to patient reports of Zicam side effects including temporary or permanent loss of smell and/or taste from using these products.

Just because a product is bought over-the-counter (OTC) doesn't mean it can't have harmful side effects.  It is becoming increasing important for companies who sell nonprescription products to disclose any adverse effects reported by consumers. This FDA Zicam Heath Alert comes just in time.

Manufacture May Faces lawsuits over Zicam Side Effects

Zicam Inc, a subsidiary of Matrixx Iniitatives, Inc.., faced lawsuits totaling $15.5 million from plantiffs who claimed they lost their sense of taste/smell following use of Zicam products.   Matrixx Initiatives, Inc. Recalled intranasal version of Zicam in 2009.  This Zixam  recall occurred after the FDA Zicam warning announcing to consumers that Zicam side effects include insomnia and a permanent loss of smell/taste.  The FDA warned consumers to stop using Zicam products immediately.  Matrixx Initiatives also received a letter from the FDA saying that Zicam can no longer be marketed without FDA approval..  The FDA goes on to say that consumers using these zinc containing nasal products that experience any loss of smell/taste should contact their physicians immediately.

Some evidence has come forward indicating that a decrease or loss of smell can result from the use of nasal products that contain zinc.  However, intranasal zinc products have also been demonstrated to reduce cold symptoms as well.  You need to consider the pros and cons.  The common cold is short lived lasting a week or so and passes.  Do you  really need to reduce your cold symptoms at the expense of a possible permanent loss of smell.  This seems a high price to pay if it happens. 

Consumers Advised to Seek Help concering Zicam side effects

Consumers are advised to  contact a Health Professiona if they experience a loss if smell due to the use of any Zinc related problem such as Zicam. In addtion to the sfety alert the FDA also issued a warning to the manufacture of Zicam that three of their products could not be marketed without FDA appoval nor does it contain adequate warnings on its label.

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